Welcome to Marvel Mythos! Below is a catalogue of the episodes we've posted so far. These podcasts are evergreen and follow no continuity (unlike comic books), so don't be afraid to jump in at any point.

We look forward to talking comics with you 


Halloween Special: Marvel Zombies

On our special Halloween episode host Brian is joined by one of the Jake's, Mccausland, and Liz to talk about Marvel Zombies #1-5.

Topics include;

1. Magneto's last stand

2. Hank Pym, wife biter

3. Hangry Hulk

4. Spider-man's conscience

5. Jambalaya Jarvis

6. Deaths, deaths, and more deaths

Avengers: Operation Galactic Storm Pt. 2

On this episode the Jake's return as Brian hosts a discussion on Operation Galactic Storm issues #12-19, Captain America #401 & Quasar #35-36.

Topics Include:

1. Thor's Anger Management Issues

2. Sersi's Jedi Mind Trick

3. Steam Pile Suicide

4. Tony's Apology

5. Cap's A Milkaholic


Captain_America_Vol_1_398 (1).jpg

Avengers: Operation Galactic Storm Part 1

On this episode host Brian brings back the Jake's, Mccausland and Goff, to discuss the first 11 chapters of Operation Galactic Storm.

Topics include:

1. Rick Jones is the worst

2. Quasar is likeable

3. Thor beats down Gladiator

4. Iron Man & Captain America are drama llamas

5. Wonder Man is Vision's dad?

6. Lilandra & The Starjammers


Spider-Man: Savage Genesis

Special guest host Austin Pflum is joined by Liz Sparks and Dave Embry to discuss The Amazing Spider-Man #359-363.

Topics include;

1. Cardiac is a drama llama

2. First appearance of Carnage

3. Is Carnage overrated?

4. MJ is smoking

5. Carnage and Joker


X-Men: Time & Place

Travis "Loud Spice" Tubesing & Matt Applegate once again join host Brian Byrley to talk Uncanny X-Men #287-290, X-Men #8-9, & Ghost Rider #26-27.

Topics include:

1. Bishop officially joins the team

2. Everyone loves a good picnic

3. Boobs Maguire - Psylocke

4. Clint Eastwood, Doc Holiday, & Gambit

5. Naked flights with Archangel


Jake Mccausland & Liz Sparks join host Brian Byrley to discuss Warlock & the Infinity Watch #1-6.

Topics include:

  1. Is Uncle Ben a member of the Living Tribunal?

  2. Warlock - Jesus with a sexual assault charge

  3. Moondragon loves girl scout cookies

  4. Liz is right twice, They are like Daleks and it is a ship

  5. Butt plugs & Danny DeVto


Avengers: Rage of Angels

Host Brian Byrley is joined by the Jake's, Mccausland and Goff, to discuss Avengers #340-344.

Topics include:

1. Cap cares

2. Wasp is motherly

3. Child soldiers

4. Rage is no Luke Cage

5. Police brutality

6. The Rolling Stones

7. Thor isn't in the top 2% for a reason

Spider-Man: Round Robin

Host Brian Byrley is joined once again by Liz Sparks & Dave Embry to discuss The Amazing Spider-Man #353-358.

Topics include:

  1. Exposition explosion

  2. Puns’R’Us

  3. Aunt May’s Wrestle Special

  4. Seeker fan club

  5. Punisher is the best

  6. Butt dialing

  7. Must hear PSA



X-MEn: The Resurrection & The Flesh

Brian Byrley is joined once again by "Loud Spice" Travis Tubesing & Matt Applegate to discuss X-Men Vol. 2 #4-7 & Uncanny X-Men #284-286. 
Topics include:
1. Jean is still a flirt
2. Colossus is all heart
3. Gambit > MJ & Lebron combined
4. Omega Red's first appearance
5. Sabretooth - a motha f'n godfather
6. Maverick is awesome
7. Psylocke is too...even if Matt disagrees

Limited Series: Infinity Gauntlet

Host Brian Byrley is joined by "Loud Spice" Travis Tubesing and Jake Mccausland to discuss Infinity Gauntlet issues 1-6.
Topics include:
1. Thanos hates Canadians
2. Disaster's are the best
3. Does it even matter?
4. Thanos is a baby back *****
5. Snap reaction
6. Travis loves the X-Men...to die
7. Warlock - hated or loved?
8. Living Tribunal can't make up their minds


Limited Series: Thanos Quest

Host Brian Byrley is joined by Dave Embry and Jake Goff to discuss Thanos Quest 1-2.
Topics include:

  1. Death lover

  2. Champion loser

  3. Gardening is the best

  4. Golden baby

  5. Minion mutilation

  6. Thanos the tactician

  7. Infinity War

Avengers: The Collection Obsession

Host Brian Byrley is joined by Jake Goff and Jake Mccausland to cover The Avengers 333-339.
Topics include:

  1. Thane Ector isn't so bad for a bacteria

  2. Captain America never quits

  3. C-list Avengers

  4. The Collector's true form

  5. Does Brian like the Inhumans or not

Spider-Man: Doom Service!

Dave and Liz join Brian to talk about The Amazing Spider-Man 348-352, and why Dr. Doom is the best villain ever. 
Topics include:

  1. Send in the reserves

  2. Liz's workout spirit "animal"

  3. Bond'esque Black Fox

  4. Mary Jane...more like Jessica Rabbit

  5. Doom the greatest there is or way too OP

  6. Big vents

  7. Nova...who cares

X-Men: Fallout

In our inaugural X-Men podcast, features Travis "Loud Spice" Tubesing and Matt Applegate joining host Brian Byrley in which we cover X-Men (1991) 1-3 & Uncanny X-Men 281-283. 
Topics include:

  1. Blue and Gold team formation

  2. Jean Grey's a flirt

  3. Gambit's rat eyes

  4. Magneto's a B.A.

  5. Cyclops the hall monitor

  6. Bishop's first appearance