Whose idea was Marvel mythos?

It started with an offer Austin made to produce any type of show for select individuals. Brian instantly wanted to do a Marvel show, and after hours of brainstorming with Travis the idea for this show was born.

Will you be reviewing movies?

Currently we do not have any movie reviews scheduled. We are focused on providing the best comic retro reviews possible for you. However, we are not opposed to movie reviews if there is demand.

Will you be reviewing recently released comics?

Currently we are not planning to review recently released comics. Our reviews are story-arc to story-arc, which becomes more difficult to do with recently released comics.


are fans able to submit questions for upcoming episodes?

Yes. Please visit the contact section to do so, or submit your question via social media. Our desire is to create a book club style show with engaged listeners. 

when do new episodes post?

Every month we will release one episode of X-Men, Spider-man, Avengers, and a Special Episode. Episodes will release weekly on Wednesdays at 9:00 am Eastern.

Where did you get the intro music?

Josh McCausland. You can visit his website at Iqflicks