Jake Mccausland

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I married my high school sweet heart in 2014, and we have 3 dogs (Linus, Barren & Reeva).  I love almost all things cars and spend far too much time in the garage (when $$ allows).  I play hockey year round and have since 8th grade.  I love watching sports, but don’t make as much time for it as I used to.  I follow the Colorado Avalanche (NHL) & the Green Bay Packers (NFL).  I have loved almost anything comic related since I was a small child, but only in the last year got into reading the comics.  It was definitely the best decision I’ve made lately.  My favorite animated anything is definitely Nightmare Before Christmas (I get more obsessed every year)!  In terms of Marvel/ DC my favorite Marvel character is Iron Man, and my favorite DC character is the Flash.  I hate everything Rick Jones with a passion (read Captain Marvel [Mar-vell] and you’ll hate that waste of space too 😊), although I hate to admit that him and his teen brigade are actually helpful for the initial launch of the Avengers.  I look forward to having a lot of fun with this Podcast.

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